Cleveland ’95: Where Are They Now?

04 Oct

The Cleveland ’95 Special was excellent! It however brought up bad memories from what could have been with the Browns had Art not suddenly moved to Baltimore. Still, I have faith in the Browns that we can achieve greatness someday.

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The year was 1995.  Netscape Navigator was the most-used Internet browser.  “Toy Story” was the top grossing movie.  “Friends” had just started its 10-season run as a sitcom mainstay.  Foo Fighters released their first of many epic albums.

In the National Football League, the Cleveland Browns entered the fall of ’95 as an AFC contender and exited it in the most nightmarish way possible … with the stunning announcement that the team would move to Baltimore. While Baltimore inherited a franchise that would eventually deliver a Lombardi Trophy, Cleveland fans are left to ponder “what if …” Coach Bill Belichick had amassed a talented staff, many of whom were no-names in the mid-90s, but became the backbone of many teams’ front offices and coaching staffs in the years to come. This is a then-and-now look at those future coaches and general managers who worked under Belichick in Cleveland.

“A Football…

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