Browns News And Notes: Monday

03 Sep

CBS Cleveland

BEREA (92.3 The Fan) – If the Cleveland Browns are looking for a theme song this season, “We are young” by Fun is a perfect selection.

27 of the 53 players have 1 or fewer years of NFL experience – including 15 rookies.

“In this locker room, my 3-year-old’s old,” tight end Ben Watson joked. “Golly, we are a young team.”

They might be young but they are professionals. There are no excuses.

“They’re in there,” linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said. “We don’t care if you’re a rookie or a 7-year guy. If you’re playing, you’re playing. Whoever is up, we’re depending on you to win the game for us.”

Many question whether or not they can actually win, but that remains the goal regardless of age.

“Winning is very important whether you’re young or old,” Watson said. “It’s all about winning. It doesn’t matter if we have a young team…

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